Go Niners! Aah-Ohh! Aah-Ohh! Aah-Ohh! Niner Empire!

‚ÄčThe Carolina Ale House Falls of Neuse Location!

I am one 49er Die-Hard Faithful!

I started my love for the 49ers when my step-dad would watch them on TV and my love for them blew up from there. 

My mom was the VP of the South Florida Gold Blooded Empire until we moved to North Carolina. It was hard leaving my friends and family in South Florida. My mom and step-dad found a new chapter to be apart of. Now my mom is the President of the Raleigh chapter of the North Carolina Gold Blooded Empire where I am now the Lil' Niner chapter President.

My ultimate goal is to spread my love for my 49ers in a positive way. I hope to inspire all girls to follow your heart in the things that you are passionate about.

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